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HOW TO: Create a link to Properties DispForm.aspx page in SharePoint CQwp using XSLT

2013-01-08 MV: If you’ve ever been working with the cool-but-idiosyncratic Content (by) Query Web Part – “CQwp” for short – in SharePoint, then likely you’ve wanted to be able to display not only the link to the document itself, but also to the properties page for that document. Here’s the finished product – a CQwp with item data displayed horizontally, […]

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HOW TO: Create a Table-with-Headers List Item Style for your CQwp

2012-12-21 MV to All: SharePoint 2010 has our beloved Content (by) Query Web Part (CQwp for short), but even after years in the SharePoint stable this powerful web part continues to be all-but-neglected by Microsoft in terms of adding much-needed common list item styles. For example, far & away THE most common request clients have for the CQwp is TABULAR output with […]

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