Windows 7 First Glance: I see "Vista… v1.1"

What am I missing here? Over the weekend I downloaded the latest RC (May 2009) of Windows 7, because I was excited by the hoopla it was already getting in blogs, on news websites, and even on the radio. I created a VM in my (now beloved) VMWare Workstation 6, mounted the Windows7 RC.iso to it, and watched the semi-new […]

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Sharepoint Best Practice – include "Unknown" and "Other" in your choice lists

ONE FAST WAY TO POLLUTE YOUR SHAREPOINT CONTENT is to INcorrectly set default values for your choice fields in various lists. 😐 When you create Sharepoint lists which have “choice” fields, ALWAYS include the value “Unknown”, and set it as the DEFAULT value. This way, whenever a user creates a new list item, fills in only a few details and […]

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