FOCUS: It’s about WHAT should be architected FIRST, and only afterward HOW it should be architected

I’m noticing SharePoint architecture gaining popularty theses days, but I still dont see any improvement in better understsnding the decision-making process underneath…the one which decides WHAT solutions should actually BE architected in the first place….

– companies seek to increase profits
– profits can increase w increased sales
– sales reqs CRM
– CRM can be improved via SP
profits can increase via decreased costs
– time is money
– time wellspent is an investment
– time poorlyspent is a cost
– time spent idly wondering is a pure cost
– time spent doing purposeless work is a pure cost
– costs decrease when lost time is dwcreased
– people use time to perform TASKS
– coordinated tasks is COLLABORATION
Sp is all about collaboration.
Collaboration is about task mgmt
– tasks must be well-defined into processes

IDENTIFYING the RIGHT ‘what’ should be the FIRST practice in SP arch

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