PRESENTATION: State Machine Workflows – A Design Pattern for SharePoint Designer

Greetings All,

First of all, thanks to the hundreds (yes – hundreds) who attend this year’s SharePoint Saturday on May 17th in the Chicago suburbs. We were all pleased & surprised to see such an avid attendance, particularly since it was a beautiful spring day. Judging from the very positive feedback I received all day long, I can only take that to mean the entire event was deemed a huge success. Many thanks to Tony Hotko, Jack Fruh, and all the others who worked tirelessly over the past few months to make this year’s event a reality. It keeps getting markedly better every year – well done everyone !…

I was pleased & humbled to present/lecture (yes, I do find myself acting like a professor) to a packed lecture hall – 75 people in a 50 seat hall.

That everyone stayed (and stayed alert) for the entire first-time-ever-used presentation was also something for which I was grateful.

Per promise, I’m making a copy of this slide presentation available for download here. You may freely use and re-use whatever is in the deck; all I ask/expect is that you not claim any of the material as your own.

State Machine Workflows in SharePoint Designer v1.00

SO, please by all means TRY this design pattern immediately, but DON’T attempt to automate some lame, non-revenue-relevant business process. Rather, dare to attempt to automate something truly revenue-important to your organization, to develop your belief in this design pattern. IF you get stuck, buy all means CONTACT me. I’ve used this pattern on several very large client projects thus far, but I can’t claim the underlying business processes contain every single type of oddity & nuance. So if YOUR process possesses some oddities or challenge, feel free to let me help.


-Mark Vogt


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